Multichannel Solutions

NexxLinx contact centers help business and government deliver the best customer interaction for the lowest cost. We provide a rich suite of services for customer retention, technical support, customer service, and sales conversion.

With our cloud-based infrastructure, implementing a true Unified Desktop has never been easier. Intelligent call routing, network-to-desktop computer telephony integration (CTI), multimedia contact management and interactive voice response (IVR) tools are all integrated, and support true any time, any place, any device interactions. Our advanced technology, rapid application development tools, and superior staffing and training programs allow us to get you started quickly, then provide the lowest cost/highest value customer interactions in the industry.

Why Now?

The explosion of smart phones and Web communications means companies must communicate with their customers using Web chat, email, and text messaging, as well as voice, or be left behind. The NexxLinx cloud computing infrastructure is truly game-changing. We break the dependence on a physical location housing specialized communications equipment, so we can deploy agents anywhere there is a PC, headset and Internet connection. We use self-service whenever possible, and have the flexibility to bring the work to the agents, at any location, including at home. We also use this agility to scale to meet peak or fluctuating demands.

Combine all that with our deep industry knowledge and you get a unique perspective on how to drive deeper relationships with customers, and turn costs into profitable customer interactions.