Contact Center Agent

Inbound Sales Conversion

The Contact Center is one of the most important channels for delivering your products and services to customers. Contact Center Associates often are the face of your company, and the point of interaction with current and potential customers. These Associates are creating the customer experience and must provide excellent service with professional, needs-based selling in a way that builds and maintains customer relationships.

Client Specific Solutions

We are typically judged according to several key performance indicators (KPI), the chief indicator being gross sales. In order to meet our client's goals, we have developed staffing solutions to recruit and train Associates specifically for these types of positions. This creates a performance driven sales environment with emphasis on coaching and training, followed by frequent quality analysis and evaluation.

Contact Center Agent

Deliver Quantifiable Results

The NexxLinx management team utilizes a leadership program that concentrates on coaching behaviors versus coaching to metrics. NexxLinx improves performance by identifying qualities and characteristics of an effective Sales Associates. Then we promote positive behavior throughout our centers with measurement, feedback, and motivation.

NexxLinx also implements a sales model that provides our Associates with a defined process to maximize every opportunity. We set clear, achievable goals with incentives related to the client's key value drivers. By recognizing and rewarding high performers, NexxLinx is able to achieve maximum sale results.

Finally, NexxLinx employs the best practices across all sales programs, including call flow and closing tools. Leveraging IVR and skills-based routing technology improves performance and customer satisfaction. Results are available via our customized reporting application, in real time and on demand.