Rethinking Retention

Why Nexxlinx is Essential

There are literally a million books and seminars on how to keep existing customers happy, but very little on how to save a customer on the brink of defection.

At Nexxlinx, we've cracked the code on what it takes to retain customers. And we have the results to prove it! Even if your industry can’t support the 80% save rates we get for Cable and Media‚ we’ll give you solutions that are 20–30% better than what you’re doing today. A good retention program will save you between 500 and 1300%.

Years of research and millions of dollars have gone into building the industry’s best program for retaining customers at the brink of defection. As a proven Business Transformation Outsourcer with 15+ years of Retention experience we have a true understanding of customer preferences and meet them every day in innovative ways.

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