Reporting Overview

NexxLinx Reporting

NexxLinx provides all the tools to monitor, measure, and manage your business.

Unlike premise-based and other hosted solutions that struggle to collect, normalize, format, and present call activity and transaction information, the NexxLinx Customer Interaction Manager was conceived and built on a reporting foundation. An Oracle Data Warehouse captures and maintains status, transaction events, and history. Reporting then becomes a function of analysis and presentation of contact center activity on a real-time, interval, periodic, or ad-hoc basis.

Unified Reporting

ACD, PBX, unified messaging, chat, SMS, and e-mail management are integrated onto one reporting platform.

Multichannel - Multi-media

Tracks customer interactions across all media channels.

Real-time and Historical Formats

NexxLinx monitors numerous system statistics including the number and type of contacts queued, longest wait time, after work time, service level percentages, and a range of other productivity measures.

Open Access

Stores data in an industry-recognized format that can easily be viewed and retrieved. Custom and ad-hoc reports can be built using Crystal Reports or any number of database access tools. Report data can be remotely delivered by email or mobile device or exported in industry-standard file formats.

Multi-site Integration

Enables managers and supervisors in different locations to view displays and reports showing real-time, enterprise-wide contact center status across any or all sites.

Business Analysis

Data from multiple sources can be merged to provide valuable decision support analysis.

Standard Real-Time Displays

The standard Supervisor and Manager display provides real-time information for the current period..

Supervisor Workspace Displays and Reports

Supervisors and managers can customize their own real-time display screens showing agent, group, skill set and gate details.

Standard Historical Displays

NexxLinx generates a wide array of managerial reports containing all the detailed information necessary to monitor all contact center operations and manage your business. Reports can be requested on-demand or automatically at predetermined intervals to your specific needs.

Executive Portal

Through a branded management portal, managers and executives are provided with customized flash dashboards presenting a summary, real-time snapshot of the current KPIs and statistics.