Customer Service

Contact Center Agent
Contact Support and Back Office

Today's challenge is how to take care of customers any time, any place, using any device they have at hand.

Our unique technology platform opens the door to endless possibilities; from mashing up legacy applications with unified desktop functionality, to voice self-service, Web chat or messaging.

We'll help you step up your service levels, improve the customer experience, and make every interaction count.

Our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services extend beyond the call center and into the back office. We are able to handle email, chat, white mail, fulfillment, and data entry tasks such as order entry and claims management. We develop tools for our agents, improve workflow processes and create trending reports specific to the tasks we handle.

Agent Productivity

Using advanced rapid application development tools, NexxLinx provides the ability to "mash up" disparate databases, applications, and technology to create a client-specific view. Using this toolset, we can easily build applications that reduce hold times and dramatically improve first call resolution rates.


We break the dependence on a physical locations and specialized premise-based communications equipment. We can deploy agents anywhere there is a PC, headset and Internet connection. This provides the flexibility to bring the work to the agents, at any location, including at home. We also use this agility to scale and to meet peak or fluctuating demands.

Our Experience

NexxLinx, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, brings 25 years of experience to the Contact Center Industry. As a leading provider of enabling technologies and skilled people to the outsourcing and enterprise marketplace, NexxLinx provides an array of customer service and support functions in multiple languages, to clients around the world. NexxLinx boasts a global footprint, spanning the US, Europe, India and the Philippines.