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Simple. Powerful. Live. NexxLinx offers Web Chat applications that deliver messaging technology to your customers' fingertips.

With live chat support our customer care associates are always available to interact with your website's visitors. We provide a conversation to engage your customers and quickly respond to queries with personalized assistance. We keep your customers at your website.

Customer support associates deliver world class customer service and intercept clients before they abandon a shopping cart. This leads to more satisfied and loyal customers, with higher conversion rates and greater ROI. All a part of the NexxLinx success story!

For example, a customer has been in the shopping cart page for several seconds - we send them a message: "do you need help with your checkout?" we can also initiate live chat customer support within seconds to assist website shoppers after a product search returns zero results - "hi! May i offer you some assistance with your search?" Our proactive live chat allows visitors to know that the service is available without being intrusive. After a delay, the chat window disappears if there is no response.

NexxLinx helps you build customer loyalty and increase customer retention. Our customer care associates give your website visitors the special attention they need and convert them into long-time customers. As a value-add service, NexxLinx provides customized reports to measure the effect of proactive and reactive live chat events. Our goal is to provide helpful and efficient service to your website visitors. In doing so, this boosts your sales and grows customer loyalty.