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NexxLinx’ services and Customer Interaction Management are built on a technology foundation provided by NexxPhase, one of the NexxLinx companies. The underlying technology is an IP communications-enabled Business Process Management (BPM) platform.

Communication-enabled Business Processes Defined

Communication-enabled business processes fully leverage the power of IP telephony by integrating and controlling communications and information within an enterprise, organization, department, or business process by embedding real-time communications at any point in a process transforming the customer experience and streamlining work flow. Companies are now able to quickly and cost-effectively design and deliver communication-enabled business process applications.

Benefits of Customer Interaction on a BPM Platform

Improved Customer Experience

Using BPM to orchestrate multi-media business processes enables organizations to present a seamless customer experience, even as those processes span multiple departments and enterprises, and incorporate data from internal and external databases. Organizations can also incorporate advanced communications (such as ASR, TTS, collaboration and click-to-chat) at any point in the process or phase of the customer value chain to create a differentiating experience and ensure customer satisfaction.

Lower Cost of Customer Interaction and Operations

BPM underlies the capability to route work based on employee skills, media type and customer economic value, ensuring the right resources or agents are aligned with the type of task, increasing workforce productivity and the value of the transaction. Incorporating self-service tools (IVR, web self-service) aids in driving down cost.

Enhanced Business Agility across the Value Chain

The Customer Interaction Management platform is model-driven. Rapid changes in the model facilitate rapid changes in the entire business process for timely response to business, market and regulatory changes and a shorter time-to-market for new products/ services. BPM enables distribution of work and interactions to any location, and any resource in the organization, creating greater flexibility and efficiency.

Augmented Operations and Phased Implementation

Our Standards-based interfaces and Service Portal approach enables a cost-effective augmentation of existing IT investments and facilitates a phased transition to a full-featured, IP-based Interaction Management Business Process Platform.

Comprehensive Offering

NexxLinx integrates all the technologies required to execute multi-channel business processes displacing multiple separate technologies from multiple vendors in three functional areas - Customer Interaction Management, Business Process Management, and Contact Center Telephony – and eliminating the risk of complex and costly integration.

Innovative Technology

The power Customer Interaction platform is the underlying BPM software suite enabling the ability to model and manage all communication channels (web, voice, email, web collaboration) in addition to people and systems providing true end-to-end workflow from interaction to fulfillment, resulting in improved business operations and a better customer experience. Other Customer Interaction Management, CRM and BPM technologies do not provide complex workflow and advanced integration capabilities or support telephony based customer interactions across all media channels.