Customer Case Study

Before creating a partnership with NexxLinx, this publisher, home of some of the largest subscription and book publications in the world, was challenged with the cost of staffing a Customer Service department and upgrading Legacy systems such as billing and customer tracking. The high cost of a traditional telephony platform was a barrier to completing this project in-house, so they sought help from NexxLinx. Our Client Services team was able to identify a number of solutions that not only addressed current challenges but edged this Client into the future of technology.

Over 9 years ago, NexxLinx began providing Customer Service and Support strictly in North America. Today, NexxLinx provides services in the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East for their world-wide Operations Centers.

Lower costs of staffing Customer Service Agents to manage subscription and delivery.
Evaluated existing unique skill sets among Agents. Utilizing successful Cross-training Methodology, NexxLinx streamlined the training process to make agents more knowledgeable and therefore more efficient, as they were now skilled across all game titles and levels. We also put systems in place to measure agents against our client's internal KPI's, using a Quality Analysis system previously used for traditional Contact Centers and modifying this process for use in a Gaming environment.

Our solution shaved 66% off of the cost of live agents handling this activity.
Provide a solution to tracking customer information, from inquires to issues and complaints.
Our CRM Solution transformed a simple, legacy application to a fully-fledged, Knowledge Base CRM package with ability to track all customer interaction from subscription inquiries to complaints. In addition, NexxLinx aided this customer in transitioning from an ad based revenue model to an online subscription model, utilizing the vast capabilities of our CRM Solution.
NexxLinx was instrumental in assisting this customer in its transition from a 75/25 ad revenue-to-subscription revenue ratio to a 65/35 ratio. When the market dropped unexpectedly and consumers began cutting costs, this client was able to retain customers by a seamless transition to an on-line publication and subscription model.

NexxLinx offers a full suite of boutique solutions, determined by client needs. Our accomplishments in development of our partnership include:


Back End development of systems that transformed a traditional trouble ticketing system into a fully functional CRM application, then tied this application to client specific software, creating a Unified Desktop. This eliminated the need for agents to toggle from one program to another, improving work flow and efficiency, enabling agents to do more, in less time.


Our platform provides the ability to "mash up" several technologies, even legacy technologies, to create a client specific application. Using this suite, we can easily build an application that allows customers to choose a method of communication: click-to-chat, click-to-call, or click-to-email.


NexxLinx specializes in transitioning your Customer Service department from a cost center to a profit center. Not only do we take the calls and process the requests, but our Agents are trained to also upsell and retain customers, creating loyalty and increasing profit.