NexxLink Partners


NexxPhase NexxPhase - Utilizing today's advanced web services capabilities and modeling tools, the Nexxphase Platform enables customers to rapidly integrate new functionality as the dynamics of the markets continue to change at an ever increasing rate. NexxPhase understands the market demands for flexibility, reliability, and scalability. The NexxPhase Platform addresses today's economic uncertainty through a price model that requires users to only pay for what they use, when they use it! Our SaaS platform is based on a Real Time BPM with integrated telephony as the foundation, while leveraging all of today's web services and modeling tools. This platform delivers rapid integration of new, straight forward capability. Open Standards, Federated Services and Web Services make the need for expensive professional service management teams obsolete.

StarPoundStarPound Technologies - StarPound is revolutionizing business with the power of converged and composite applications, delivering integrated data over voice, web, email and other multimedia channels, tailoring them to meet the needs of key vertical market segments. These StarPound Vertical Solutions provide a new level of integrated communications. Companies of all sizes can use StarPound to share and manage communications, information, and processes across their operations and business ecosystem to create a differentiating and seamless customer experience from initial contact to fulfillment - without installing or maintaining complex and expensive technology.

FirstWave TechnologiesFirst Wave Technologies - FirstWave® Technologies, Inc. is a provider of demand generation, lead leakage and revenue retention solutions built on top of the company’s suite of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) products. FirstWave’s solutions increase visibility throughout the sales cycle, keeping customer pipelines perpetually full of qualified leads, their prospects warm, and their customers loyal. With 20 years of sales management software, FirstWave’s modular internet marketing, sales lead and customer management solutions, customers achieve results at every opportunity.


LivtelLivtel - Livtel is a leading Business Processs Outsourcing (BPO) company, providing a full range of solutions from Project Management to Systems Integration to Implementation services. . Livtel deploys business critical support processes with a revolutionary, industry changing, Virtual Contact Center solution that helps companies maintain quality of service while setting the pace to target overall costs. Livtel represents a significant advancement in contact center services, allowing lower costs and higher quality to be realized immediaely and clients to have a contact center positioned literally anywhere in the world.

IntegraCoreIntegraCore IntegraCore is a full service turn-key 3rd Party Logistics and fulfillment company that specializes in procurement, freight, storage, pick and pack and shipping. IntegraCore is your single vendor solution for all your supply chain and logistics needs. We eliminate the need to expend your valuable time, energy and resources on these non-core essential business processes. We reduce your costs by taking on part or all of your non-core business processes allowing you to focus on your passion of sales and marketing. Think of the advantages you will have by being able to reduce your turn times and scale your operations at will. Never again will you have to worry if you can handle seasonal products, expanding to new markets or developing a new product. As a full turn-key solution provider, we take care of your packaging, procurement, CD/DVD replication, fulfillment, distribution, reverse logistics, kitting and assembly, printing and worldwide shipping.

Service Central TechnologiesServiceCentral Technologies - ServiceCentral Technologies, Inc. (“SCT”) is a leading supplier of software solutions that promote workforce efficiency. Established over fifteen years ago, SCT was one of the first companies to develop true service chain management solutions designed to help companies bring order, management, and visibility to a complex set of business processes associated with managing and supporting end-to-end product installation and service operations. Today, ServiceCentral offers a suite of applications to address all of the issues that affect operations. These applications help improve customer service, streamline operations, and generate increased profits. ServiceCentral Technologies, Inc. is located in Atlanta, Georgia with distributors in Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

L3 CommunicationsL-3 Communications - L-3 Communications is a prime contractor in Command, Control and Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C3ISR), Government Services, Aircraft Modernization and Maintenance (AM&M) and has the broadest base of Specialized Products in the industry. L-3 is also a major provider of homeland defense products and services for a variety of emerging markets. L-3 employs over 64,000 people worldwide and is also a leading provider of high technology products, subsystems and systems. The company reported 2007 sales of $14 billion.

IBMIBM Global Services - IBM Global Services is the world's largest information technology services provider, with 1999 revenues of more than $32 billion. In addition to consulting, IBM Global Services is the world leader in IT outsourcing, hosting and systems services. IBM Global Services employs more than 138,000 professionals serving customers in 160 countries. IBM Corporation is the world's largest information technology company, with 80 years of leadership in helping businesses deploy technology for business advantage.

QwestA journey at the speed of light: Qwest Communications spans the globe with its fiber-optic network. The company is among the leading US local phone providers, serving about 10 million access lines in a 14-state region. Its customers include nearly 3 million broadband Internet subscribers and about 1.7 million wireless and video subscribers. Qwest also provides long-distance and international calling, as well as data, digital telephony, and video to business clients. The company's wholesale network extends beyond its local service area, providing high-volume transmission capacity to carriers and resellers in major global cities. Qwest agreed in 2010 to be acquired by CenturyLink (formerly known as CenturyTel)


ArvatoArvato - Arvato is a subsidiary of German media conglomerate Bertelsmann, Arvato is one of the world's leading providers of media and business communications services, including commercial printing for books, magazines, catalogs, and telephone directories. Additional business process outsourcing services include customer loyalty programs, logistics services, supply chain management, call and service center activities, optical storage media production, IT services, address and database management, and direct media sales. Arvato has operations in more than 30 countries and accounts for about 30% of Bertelsmann's annual revenues.

iEnergizeriEnergizer - iEnergizer, a Delaware corporation, is one of the largest and most progressive international call centers in the Asia Pacific region. It manages business process outsourcing (BPO) projects in voice-based and web-based processes, as well as provides back office support in Finance, Banking, HR, Claims processing, Insurance and Healthcare to leading Fortune 500 companies around the world. iEnergizer operates a state-of-the-art 1.3 million square feet multimedia contact center in Noida, India, which is near New Delhi, and recently partnered with NexxLinx to form iEnergizer of Texas, headquartered in Austin.

VANADVANAD - VANAD is an innovative specialist in the area of customer interaction. Using our innovative customer interaction management platform, we assist clients strategically, tactically and operationally in optimizing their interaction with their customers and users. We do this using a mix of outsourcing, managed insourcing and Work from Home, which we provide alongside each other or combined. Our company, which was founded in 2005, is headed by Arnoud Munneke and Arthur Nederlof. The center of its operations is our campus in Capelle aan den IJssel, where we optimally benefit from the synergy with the sister companies which also belong to the VANAD Group.