NexxLinx Expands its US Footprint

ATLANTA - NexxLinx expanded its US footprint in July 2008 by opening a 500 seat Contact Center in Austin, Texas. The 30,380 square foot state-of-the-art facility is the home base for NexxLinx Technical, In-Game, and Customer support Operations, serving the World's leading video game publishers. This move created new jobs for a tech-savvy Workforce, perfectly placed in an area ripe for economic development.

A recent article printed in Time Magazine highlights the Austin Workforce and reinforces the benefits that NexxLinx has realized from building and staffing a Contact Center in Austin that requires employees to have a technical skill set.

Friday, Mar. 19, 2010
Time Magazine
The Workforce: Where Will the New Jobs Come From?
By Barbara Kiviat

Rewiring the Workforce

In northwest Austin, in cubicles packed with toys and rock-band posters, people in T-shirts and jeans are hard at work creating a video game that someday will be played online by thousands of people at a time. It takes years to produce such a complex game, representing a major investment for California-based Electronic Arts. Why is this happening in Austin? Simple. "The talent pool is here," says local BioWare studio co-head Gordon Walton.

In the national job-creation discourse, jobs often start to sound like things that companies one day decide to hand out. In reality, job creation is also a function of the labor supply. It's not just about firms wanting to hire but also about having people they can usefully employ. There are only four or five cities in the U.S. where Electronic Arts would be likely to develop such a complicated product. Austin is one of them partly because it has a tech-savvy population and a history of fielding such work - and also because it's an easy place for people to train for the profession, with local colleges offering courses in game design and programming.

Austin also illustrates a systematic approach to making sure people have the right skills to match what companies need. For the past two years, Workforce Solutions, a government-funded not-for-profit, has been partnering with businesses and local schools like Austin Community College to develop a series of training courses to help people upgrade their skills and earn certifications. The modules are built to be accessible to people well into their careers - recognizing that a 40-year-old isn't likely to have two or four years to return to school full time - and focus on Austin's up-and-coming industries, like biotech, renewable energy and video-game development. "When these jobs come, we'll have the people with the skills to move into them," says Workforce executive director Alan Miller."

Coordination among workers, educators and companies is vital, considering that it can be difficult if not impossible for individuals to know which job to train for next. Even the head of Workforce Solutions admits that focusing on biotech, green energy and video games is really just an educated guess based on Austin's historical strengths and industries that seem poised to grow. One of the reassuring things about capitalism is that over time, workers and companies are pretty good at figuring out the most productive ways to get together. In the short term, though, that realignment can be a struggle.

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