North Carolina military cities Jacksonville and Fayetteville were named the top two in America for finding job by Forbes Magazine

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. -- North Carolina military cities Jacksonville and Fayetteville were named the top two in America for finding job by Forbes Magazine.

Community leaders said Jacksonville has all the elements needed for a good job market.

"Jacksonville, Onslow County has all the ingredients that any company needs to start up, launch, expand and grow," said Jim Reichardt, Director of Economic Development for Jacksonville Onslow Economic Development.

Thousands move to Jacksonville because they are stationed at Camp Lejeune and that's why there are many service-based jobs, he said. As many as 8,000 marines enter the workforce every year after leaving the military.

Hundreds of new jobs in both big and small businesses have come to Jacksonville in recent months.

"I've lived in many different cities, Greensboro, High Point, and it's very difficult to find jobs in those cities," said Johnathan Rafferty, a new employee at NexxLinx. "I've gone six months without a job in those cities. But here, finding one in a month, it was very quick and easy."

Cassi Whitman said Brewed Awakenings is looking to hire more people.

"It's good because the economy here is pretty good because of the marines," Whitman said. "It stays pretty busy."

Forbes magazine also finds that out of 205 cities, Jacksonville was the only area in a full-bore expansion.

The latest unemployment numbers from March show the jobless rate is 8 percent in Jacksonville and 9.1 percent in Fayetteville, both well below the state average that month of 11-point-one percent.

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