Video Gaming

Customer Case Study

NexxLinx provides Outsource Gaming Support Services, In-GAME, GM Support and Billing/Customer Service for multiple worldwide developers and publishers of video games, both online and purchased in-store. We deliver high quality support for a variety of games ranging from java games to console games to online RPG's and other high end games. Besides customer support, we also offer technical support, member services, server monitoring and a bouquet of other services including game development and testing to a variety of gaming companies around the world.

NexxLinx was challenged with bringing Customer Service and Technical Support for this client on-shore at a competitive price, melding the management philosophy and business practices of this client with those of our own, and streamlining the Agent hire, train and advancement process.

Our Technical Support Agents are trained in all nuances of gaming industry and game development cycles. We realize the importance of continuously enhancing the cost-benefit ratio and need to stay competitive and a step ahead in the entertainment industry. Performance is continually monitored with statistical methods and techniques used to analyze data, study and monitor process capability and performance, monitor variance in the production and minimize impact of unexpected variance to service delivery and defect measurement.

Our team works in a controlled environment in an area ripe for economic growth. This ensures a level of both security and flexibility to serve client needs as they change with the economic and industry climate.

Seamlessly combine differing Management, Training, and Operational processes to improve workflow and increase product Knowledge among Agents across the board.
Evaluated existing unique skill sets among Agents. Utilizing successful Cross-training Methodology, NexxLinx streamlined the training process to make agents more knowledgeable and therefore more efficient, as they were now skilled across all game titles and levels. We also put systems in place to measure agents against our client's internal KPI's, using a Quality Analysis system previously used for traditional Contact Centers and modifying this process for use in a Gaming environment.

NexxLinx has consistently met or exceeded Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) metrics since the inception of our partnership. Effective processes have been defined and procedures put into place to identify errors, resulting in reduction of Average Handle Time (AHT) and higher QA scores.

NexxLinx offers a full suite of boutique solutions, determined by client needs. Our accomplishments in development of our partnership include:


NexxLinx offers a Customer Service/Gaming Support Model based on a unique price point that delivers customer satisfaction and highly skilled, motivated and passionate Agents.


By cross training our Agents to work every corner of the Gaming industry (billing, in-game support, member services, studio assistance, server monitoring, and light troubleshooting), NexxLinx reduces the number of calls that overflow to back up Contact Centers, ensuring that customers receive consistent care and, whenever possible, First Call Resolution.


NexxLinx employs a highly flexible Staffing Model that allows us to ramp up or down depending on client need or season. NexxLinx boasts a rapid turnaround of mere days between a client request for skilled employees and placement of Agents on the production floor. We also provide a career path for Agents who show promise and potential, as Agents are promoted to supervisory and management levels from within the employee pool.


NexxLinx aims to be a Partner with our clients, and not just a vendor. We've shown this client how to lower operation cost and increase profitability by arming our Agents with as much knowledge as possible, including the ability to up-sell/resell products and services and streamlining processes such as training and warranty exchange, all bringing down the cost of doing business while increasing revenues.