Customer Case Study

This Client came to NexxLinx as a start-up company with no workflow processes in place and no structure to welcome innovation and technology. Over the course of a 9 year partnership, NexxLinx has revamped and completely redesigned how this client does business. The result was rapid growth and increased profits, but above that, a solid business structure to thrust forward into the future.

NexxLinx Client Services immediately identified endless opportunities that would save millions, streamline technology, and turn a customer service call into cash. In short, our solutions provide our client exceptional savings by utilizing our technology, employing our strategy, and encouraging determined employees. Let's take a look at three challenges that NexxLinx evaluated and the solutions that solved them:

Lower cost per contact on customer returns and delivery tracking
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
This client uses NexxLinx IVR to automate customer returns and delivery tracking, saving 75% off live agents handling this activity. What began as a small operation for a startup company soon evolved into a multi-million dollar corporation, growing their enterprise from fewer than 5 Agents to more than 125 Agents during peak holiday season.

Using NexxLinx IVR and CRM capability, cost per contact has been reduced by 90%, allowing the same number of agents to do more work, more efficiently.
Lower cost per order on each transaction.
NexxLinx engaged this client to develop detailed business requirements for Customer Relationship Management and Interaction. NexxLinx successfully made sweeping customizations to an off the shelf packaged software solution to meet business needs.

NexxLinx CRM solutions have lowered cost per order for this client over 65%.
Develop, maintain and continually improve workflow processes for a start-up organization
Knowledgebase and NexxLinx Technology
Over the course of our partnership with this client, NexxLinx has developed an extensive Knowledge Base to guide agents through policy, procedure, and operational guidelines, ensuring that each customer receives superior, unmatched customer service.
Each Agent has access to an extensive, customer specific Knowledgebase application based on Company guidelines and operations. This application is part of a Unified Desktop, which ties all customer specific applications into a workflow and guides each Agent through the process of servicing the customer.

NexxLinx offers a full suite of boutique solutions, determined by client needs. Our accomplishments in development of our partnership include:


Back End development of systems that transformed a traditional trouble ticketing system into a fully functional CRM application, then tied this application to client specific software, creating a Unified Desktop. This eliminated the need for agents to toggle from one program to another, improving work flow and efficiency, enabling agents to do more, in less time.


The successful addition of CRM, IVR, and a technology upgrade spawned a new business venture for our client. NexxLinx recruited, trained, and developed agents from a formal, traditional, Customer Service Agent to a new technology, next generation Agent, easily adaptable to current modes of communication-email, IM, chat, Facebook, and Twitter.


NexxLinx has transformed the business model of this retailer from purely Customer Care to Customer Care + Sales. Previously, Agents would only react to customer issues and answer questions. Today, Agents are trained to be proactive and to upsell, offer incentives and 'Sale of the Day' suggestions while providing traditional Customer Care. These sales and their impact to the company are tracked using NexxLinx highly customized, customer specific reporting system.


NexxLinx technology provides a previously unmatched flexibility to ramp Agent count up or down depending on season and Client needs. We employ a staffing model that controls cost and meets or exceeds Client expectation while continuing to perform to internal KPI's and metrics.