Technology Overview

NexxLinx Technology
Through the widespread adoption of cloud computing and IP communications, NexxLinx has been a leader in applying technology to the advantage of our clients. We pride ourselves on being technology innovators, but never for the sake of technology alone. NexxLinx's contact center services are supported by a cloud-based Customer Interaction Management Platform that is fully integrated and multichannel, employing IP telephony. Built on a comprehensive software feature set, the NexxLinx platform fuses:

Delivering all the required functionality and business tools without the cost and delay of depending on traditional premise-based vendors and solutions, we are able to pass the savings and advantage on to our customers without adding incremental cost for additional features.

We leverage technology to create value in every customer interaction.

Improving Customer Experience

NexxLinx Platform

Improving Agent Effectiveness

Reduced Costs

Savings are passed on to our customers and reflected in lower service rates based on:

Improved Management Tools and Visibility


NexxLinx delivers service the way you do business - today and tomorrow