NexxLinx Company Overview

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NexxLinx is a business process and marketing services outsourcing provider that combines skilled professionals, industry knowledge and advanced technology to help our clients create profitable relationships with their customers. Our professionals design custom solutions for inbound and outbound customer care, telemarketing and data collection, help desk, e-mail processing, live web and voice interaction, and back-end data processing. We optimize multichannel communications to deliver the best customer relationships, at the lowest cost per customer interaction. Our unique network-based service delivery platform delivers a consistent and compelling customer experience across multiple channels, devices, and media. Whether it’s in our own call centers, corporate offices, home agents or satellite locations, we drive equity-building customer interactions at the lowest cost per customer touch. By tailoring our solutions to your enterprise, you gain agility in the marketplace that you wouldn’t ordinarily have. NexxLinx solutions allow one-to-one marketing capability on a performance-based budget. There are unlimited choices when applying this model to your business, among them are outsourcing, co-sourcing, and in-sourcing, at onshore, near-shore and offshore locations. Our customers develop a long-term relationship with us because we deliver an exceptional customer experience across multiple channels, devices, and media.

The Power of NexxLinx

NexxLinx has achieved 30% year-over-year growth for the past decade by changing the way contact centers do business. The market reality is that most current contact centers operate legacy environments with multiple “silos” of voice and data that are patched together by huge support staffs and outside consultants, requiring continuing capital outlays to stay operational, and an army of programmers to introduce new services. NexxLinx has created a unique services delivery platform that focuses on increasing the efficiency and eliminating cost from outsourced Business Transactions and Processes. This allows us to improve the customer experience, lower the cost per interaction, and improve performance and profitability.