Case Studies

NexxLinx delivers value-added and process-driven support services to our global clients. By leveraging our worldwide footprint as well as operational expertise and best practices, NexxLinx creates customized outsource solutions in numerous locations and languages.

Our flexibility in adapting to our client's challenges allows us to provide specialized action plans, put into place with speed and efficiency and measured against a number of metrics and customer satisfaction (CSAT) guidelines. Read how our experienced team of professionals can help to propel your customer's experiences forward in these case studies:

Cloud Contact Center ROI

Case Study: How the NexxPhase Customer Interaction Manager Technology has reduced cost and improved operations in NexxLinx Contact Centers.


NexxLinx provides Customer Service and Back Office support for the second largest online retailer. Our success provided in increase of revenue and a decrease in operational cost for our client.


NexxLinx provides Customer Service, Customer Support, Billing and Fulfillment for the world's largest financial publishing company. Our success provided an increase of Revenue and a decrease in operational cost for our client.


NexxLinx provides inbound sales "save desk" retention support for the second largest media & cable Subscription Service provider. Our success has lowered churn and boosts the client's profitability.

Video Gaming

NexxLinx provides technical support for the world's largest gaming developers and publishers. Our success allows our clients not only to save money but focus on what they do best...Gaming.