Customer Case Study

NexxLinx was the first in the Industry to offer a dedicated outsourced Retention team. Retention was a business model that we put into practice for a smaller client. When we began to see the value and success of such a program, we presented it to one of the largest Media|Entertainment|Cable providers in the country.

Our Client Services team determined that implementing a Retention program would save this client an immediate 45% over handling this activity in-house. The team was then able to show NexxLinx would out-perform an internal retention team, bringing the added savings of not having to staff or provide technological infrastructure for an internal customer retention program. This client agreed to allow NexxLinx to save them money - and customers - and a partnership was born.

The program began small, in just a few areas. However as save rates, abandon rates, service levels and other internal metrics were met and then exceeded, we added regions and divisions. Today, NexxLinx handles Customer Retention for much of the United States.

Seamlessly combine differing Management, Training, and Operational processes to improve workflow and increase product Knowledge among Agents across the board.
Evaluated existing unique skill sets among Agents. Utilizing successful Cross-training Methodology, NexxLinx streamlined the training process to make agents more knowledgeable and therefore more efficient, as they were now skilled across all game titles and levels. We also put systems in place to measure agents against our client's internal KPI's, using a Quality Analysis system previously used for traditional Contact Centers and modifying this process for use in a Gaming environment.

NexxLinx has consistently met or exceeded Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) metrics since the inception of our partnership. Effective processes have been defined and procedures put into place to identify errors, resulting in reduction of Average Handle Time (AHT) and higher QA scores.

Before NexxLinx


After NexxLinx